ID document validation with owner verification in real time

Works anywhere, with any smartphone
  • Fast, accurate and secure identity check
  • Easy to use
  • Always a perfect check, in one go
  • Prevents ID fraud and data leaks
  • Reduces your identity check costs
  • Proves identification was done thoroughly

No need to send passport copies anymore!

How it works

Invitation with link to start page

You receive a personal invitation from an organization with a request to verify your identity using CheckedID. From this invitation you can click through to a start page. Here a QR code and a button with a direct link to the CheckedID app are displayed.

Info on the verification process

A short description of the verification process and what happens with the requested data is displayed. Data will only be used for this specific verification. After sending, all data will be erased from the device. Click on ‘Start’.

Photo of ID document

Choose the document with which you will identify yourself: ID card (or residence permit), passport or driving licence. Then, take a photo of the ID document. The app provides instructions, and when the conditions are satisfied the photo is automatically taken.

Photos of additional documents

If needed, you can take photos of other documents. Like a diploma, a utility bill, a bank statement and/or payslip. A maximum of 5 documents can be added.

Selfie of holder

You’re now asked to take a selfie. Hold the device right in front of your face and follow the instructions on the screen. Look straight at the screen and clearly blink your eyes to demonstrate you are a living person. The photo will be taken automatically.

Read the chip

With an Android phone you read the chip from the ID document using the embedded NFC function. First scan the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) on the document to unlock the chip. Then, read data from the chip by holding the ID document against the back of the phone.

Send data

You are now shown an overview of collected data. To approve this, click ‘Send’. After sending, the verification is executed remotely and all collected data will be deleted from the device. The outcome will be sent in a secured report to the organization that invited you. The verification is completed!


Take control with CheckedID

Businesses and organizations regularly ask for an ID document to know who they are dealing with. The way in which that happens, however, often leaves much to be desired. This creates risks for both the person to be identified and the requesting party. Personal information can leak away. Consider, for example, a photo of an ID document on a mobile phone or computer, which is then sent to the cloud or an email address. Or a printed copy of an ID document in the trash bin or in the memory of the copier. In other words, there is no control over where this data ends up. And then the question still remains whether the correct ID document has been received.
CheckedID distinguishes itself by offering a complete service to verify identities of persons. Making data leaks impossible. Reading the chip in the ID document makes CheckedID maximally reliable, and unique. Finally, the secure verification report serves as proof that the identification has been thoroughly done.

Secure and reliable

Proven state-of-the-art technology provides maximum security. Your customer's data are safe.

Global coverage

Identity documents from all, 200+ recognized countries can be verified. From any location with internet connection.

Multiple verification methods

Our optical, biometric, logical and electronic (NFC) checks offer the perfect mix for high-quality verification.

Minimal costs upfront

You can immediately start to use CheckedID: no upfront ICT-project is needed. Additional integration can easily be done with our APIs.

Highly configurable

You determine how the verification is done, and what verified data you receive. The app is branded with your preferred colours and logos.

Designed for Privacy

CheckedID lets you meet the relevant GDPR requirements. You only process appropriate and accurate data.


CheckedID rates

CheckedID’s use is clear and simple. The same applies to its pricing structure. You pay a yearly fixed fee for service and support. The verification reports are billed to you at the end of each month.
CheckedID saves you all the costs, risks and concerns that you otherwise would have when dealing with ID document copies.

We also offer price plans based on volume commitments. Please contact us for more information.
Use of the CheckedID app is free for your employees and customers.
The app is available for Android and iOS.

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Irwin Oedayrajsingh Varma

General manager

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Sales & Operations manager

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JanusID’s products fulfill ‘By Design’ the generally accepted needs for privacy, security and trust on the internet.

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